Love Leather

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s the last month of autumn and we are having the perfect 17C weather in Yokohama. It goes down to 10C in the morning and in the evening. Honestly, I am not ready to wear my winter jacket just yet so while we can, leather all the way. Aside from leather jackets being a must-have for autumn, leather anything is a trend this season. By anything I meant, clothes! So here I am in a leather skirt.
My friends Rexcy and Ria played tourists last weekend and explored Sakuragichou, the location of the infamous Yokohama Skyline. The highlight of the evening was our trip to Cosmo world. We are kids at heart?!

Thanks for reading!



P.S. To my friends in the Philippines, please dont be shock that I am wearing shades in the evening. I have lived in Japan for awhile now that I have adapted to fact that it’s ok to wear shades in the evening. Why? It’s part of the outfit! xD

skirt> GU; shoes>H&M; bag>Celine; tights>3 coin store; blouse >a store in Vivere

Pose photos by Rexcy


4 thoughts on “Love Leather

  1. gotta love that leather skirt. I’ve been searching high and low for a nicely fitted leather pencil skirt. And the girls’ jacket, i heart too.:)

    And I also love the whole layering in the last photo.:)

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