Pink and Denims


Happy Sunday Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great weekend so far!
Last Friday, I had a chance to meet Ashley Dy, Kobe-based Filipino Fashion Blogger who is in Tokyo for the weekend. She is a good friend of Gervin and now my friend. She is a breath of fresh air- pretty, young and stylish . What was a really fun surprise was that we were all wearing a timeless trend, DENIMS!

Blazer>H&M; Polo Shirt> Uniqlo; Pants>Gap; Bag> Prada; Hat> Gap; Shoes> Maria Luiza

Whoever said that pink is only for spring? With the right mix and match up pieces, it can definitely be transformed to an autumn ensemble.
Happy mixing and matching!




Denim over denim is love!


March 2012 at Sakuragicho


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