A Gap Affair


Happy Weekend Everyone!

Gap Japan when they go on sale>> massive! The only problem is, you will definitely bump into someone wearing the same blouse. I didn’t realize until the day when I wore this ensemble that it was all Gap. I am a big fan of Gap because of their classic pieces and the materials are really good. You get your money’s worth!

Styling a vest is challenging! I bought this vest 3 years ago because it was as cheap as Y500 (P250). Originally it was around Y6000! Crazy huh! But the only problem is I didn’t know how to style it, THEN! 

When it gets warmer during the day, I had to remove the vest.

Vest, blouse, pants, belt >Gap; Bag>Versace; Shoes> Christian Louboutin

Photos by Rexcy.

It was very windy when this was taken! We were literally swayed by the wind. We had only 5 minutes to take a picture or else we will be late for our meeting.

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