Sporty Chic

Happy Monday Everyone!

We just  had our 3 day weekend because it’s the Health and Sports Day here in Japan. What a way to celebrate the holiday by wearing something athletic! Honestly, I am not very sporty in my outfits but when my friends said it was the outfit theme of our day-out, i just had to have a make-it-work moment!

Rexcy couldn’t make it to our Tokyo stroll, so the Extraordinaire Fashion Wikipedia, Gervin of took my pics. He and Ria were responsible of the theme. I thought at first, what were they thinking and I figured that I can always wear my own version of the sporty/athletic, thus cheerleader-ish! xD

Thanks for reading!


P.S. The skirt I am wearing is a tube dress, folded it and brought the look together with a belt.

Skirt> Zara (Dress); Shirt> Gap; Jacket> Archives; Shoes>Converse; Bag>Burberry Blue Label


Singapore 2010 with my best friend, Rona ❤


7 thoughts on “Sporty Chic

  1. This post is like a breath of fresh air. Gwapa kaayo.:) And the chucks..reminds me of my pair na I lost.hehe

    Your hair is so Wendy’s btw.:)

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