Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today’s blog post is restyling some of the outfits that I already have for autumn. I am trying not to shop for new outfits because autumn is too short here in the Kanto area. And, restyling is always fun! I also thought of blogging by using only the iphone.


Shirt> Zara; Skirt>Lazy Daisy; Shoes>Esperanza; Belt>Gap; Purse> Versace  20120929-194933.jpg


Photos by Rexcy.

I have to say, the 4s is the perfect phone! Processed pics using the  Camera 360 and Picfx app. Uploaded through the WordPress application

Thank you for reading. Till next time!


P.S. I rarely wear eye make-up (just the eyebrows to match the color of my hair) because I am such an amateur that I thought it’ll take so much of my time. But today, these helped!

20120930-032651.jpgL-R: Ettusais pencil brow liner; Kate eyebrow mascara; Chasty eyebrow brush; K Palette liquid eyeliner; K Pallete pencil liner; Maybelline volume mascara


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