Hello Everyone!

We just had a long weekend here in Japan! Mine was a busy one but it was a fun-filled weekend.

My post for today is about my sideline as a personal shopper. I canvass designer bags for my close friends in the Philippines. I was able to convince most of them to buy pre-loved bags instead of buying the brand new ones. Why? Not only will you save so much money but the pre-loved bags here in Japan  ( if you know where to find ’em) is almost as good as the  brand new ones. The only thing you wont be getting is the original paper bag.

I wanted to feel relaxed! So from my work clothes, I changed into a more casual ensemble. And oh bringing a 2nd bag or a paper bag is so common here in Japan. You can always leave your paper bag (once you’re changed) in a locker at the station for a minimal price. It is really  convenient rather than going home to change.

That’s it for now, thank you so much for reading!



Shirt> Maldita; Cropped pants> Gap; Belt> Anne Klein; Bag> Prada

How cute are these oversized pockets?

Drink all you can at a family resto nearby.

The paper bag with some work stuff and change of clothes inside.

Now I’m ready to look around for bags!

I am proud to say that this bag is a brand new one but bought in a 2nd hand store.


This was the winner! This was sold to my friend Ria! I have to admit, I was drooling over this Gucci!


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