My First FNO

Happy Monday Everyone!

Ohmygoooshh!! I still have an FNO-hangover! My friends and I had a grand time painting the streets of Omotesando and Aoyama red! ONE NIGHT, and all the Fashionistas, Fashion Enthusiasts and Shopaholics gather in one event. I have to thank  Gervin for inviting us and who was our guide to almost everything. I don’t watch so much Japanese TV, thus I dont know enough celebrities. But he  was there as a walking “fashion-wikipedia.”  Here are some of the pics taken from my camera.

Gucci paper bag with the infamous bamboo signature.

We couldn’t help but stop at this!

A very long queue for a free photography session by the sought-after-fashion photographer, Leslie Kee.

Ria starstruck over model Tsuchiya Anna

With my twitter buddy Manaha who was one of the press people that night. I looooove her Celine bag! ❤

Grabbed from the Tommy Hilfiger Facebook fanpage.

American model welcomes you at the entrance as you enter the Tommy Hilfiger store. They also gave those badges (on model’s jacket) for free.

This cutee was a crowd favorite!

Boy were the MK staff happy as we pose for their bags.

They had to give our spot in the queue for model, Jessica Michibata. MK staff were very apologetic. But we didn’t really mind. I enjoyed watching their photo shoot anyways.

Thanks to my friend Beth for informing me that it was Jessica Michibata after all. Now I am beginning to know more celebrities in Japan.

With Testsuya, Rexcy, Ria and I.

Us girls with Gervin this time.

Time to party ❤ Drinks were overflowing that night and yes.. all for FREE!!!

That sure was crowded!

Cheers from Jill Sander Navy

Posing for Marc Jacobs

Dress> H&M; Necklace>F21; H&M; Purse> VersaceXH&M;Bangle>F21; Shoes> Christian Louboutin

I couldn’t get over the Michael Kors skit book. I really really love it!

There were 2 things that I regretted that night.

1. Going to Comme de Garcons too late because we were not able to get these cute colorful watches. The pink and the white! There were even green and blue. *super sad face*

Grabbed from taichi_kimura’s instagram through #fnojp feed.

2. Using my Versace X H&M purse! The gold chain handle kept falling off and it was such a disaster. Good thing I brought a tool!It maybe a worst buy but I think I can turn it around and change the handle.

Cardigan> Tango

Thank you so much for reading! Have  a great week ahead!



P.S. I also regretted not buying a souvenir! Now I know what to do for next year. xD


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