Pre-Autumn Love

Blouse> Maldita; Leggings> Versace x H&M; Sandals> Jessica Simpson; Bag> Goyard; Necklace> H&M; Bangle> F21; Watch> Betsey Johnson

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was super busy but it was great!

Last Saturday was a big event for Filipinos in Japan because we had the Philippine Barrio Fiesta here in Yokohama City. I was really looking forward to the lechon and  halo-halo but I was disappointed because it was not sold. However, it was great to see Filipinos come together and just have a good time.

I am so Haggardo Versoza (read: haggard) in my post here! My friends from Saitama came so I was really at the event the entire afternoon. Plus my friends in Tokyo and Yokohama later joined me! It was soooo hot but it was worth it. I still decided to post this pic because I wore again the leggings that I bought last year. Transforming an outfit from one season to another is fun indeed!

Thanks for reading!




December 2011


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