Last Summer Hurray

Hello Everyone!

I am finally back!! I have been on hiatus because I went to the Philippines for a few weeks. I took all the time in the world to relax and unwind before the new semester starts. I also took the opportunity to reflect about the future of this blog. I received some comments from my dear friends that I should  change the title “Fashion Blogger Wannabe.” Because according to them, I am not and I just have to have a little faith with myself. Well I honestly liked the humor of the title, but I have to listen to my loyal readers. So please do watch out for that soon!

This post is very special! We have a guest photographer, my dear friend Gervin! *clap clap* He invited me and Rexcy to lounge at the beach with him. This was in Kamakura. We were a little hesitant at first but we figured it was our last weekend of the summer so why not! And I have to say, it was one of my memorable weekends ever!

The beach was not as beautiful as the Boracay beach, but we still loved it! Why?

1. Only in Japan (comparing to the Philippines) that you get to pack light, commute, walk a few minutes and VOILA >> BEACH!

2. You can choose to rent a beach bed and a parasol or just go without it and bring a mat and get a tan.

3. You get to swim without worrying about your belongings. No robbers! But there’s always lockers for rent just to give you a peace of mind.

Oh here are some of my instagram pictures:

Thank you for reading!




5 thoughts on “Last Summer Hurray

  1. Wish going to the beach here is that easy…no nice nearby beaches here. better pa sa negros. here you have to cross another island.

    Love this post. chill kaayo! nd btw, i love the infinity suit. i can never get away with that top.:)

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