Neon Blocking

Gap>shirt;H&M>pants;Goyard>tote bag;Bershka>belt;Ninewest>pumps

Hello Everyone!
What’s going on? Last weekend I had a night out with my friends in Roppongi, Tokyo. It’s actually my first time to pull an all nighters. Since we will all miss the train so we decided to party till morning. We had karaoke at Shidax before we went clubbing. And another first time for  me was we went to Nichome in Shinjuku (you can google that). I remembered how Gervin got so excited when we said we can party there too!

My outfit for this post is my favorite colors in the whole wide world, green and pink. Neon is crazy still a fad these days so decided to color block it! What’s amazing is my cropped pants! It fits so well and I can’t believe how cheap I got it from H&M.

For this post I am featuring the outfits of my friends coz it’s so snap worthy!

Thank you so much for reading!




On Ria>>Bvlgari>purse; Louis Vuitton>shoes; H&M>blouse; Tattuana>Leggings

On Rexcy>>Balenciaga>purse; Tod’s>shoes; Gap> shirt; Zara>Skirt


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