T-shirt>Mango;Shorts>Plains and Prints;Belt>Uniqlo;Flats;Esperanza;Bag>Prada

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are. It’s mid summer here in Japan and the weather is crazy! I’m talking about 31-35C temperature. Since it’s my summer break, I have the luxury to stay at home and wait until the sun comes down before I go out. Even if you wear jeans, you still feel the sun penetrating your skin.Yikes!

So for today’s post there’s no feature pairing nor backtrack. It’s plainly OOTD or “outfit of the day “as we call it. It was a random day out for bag hunting. I actually shop for designer bags for my friends back home in the Philippines. I guess I will have to talk about that next time. I shop at a 2nd hand store for some of my bags and I always get a great deal and most of it are brand new. Crazy huh? Brand new bag in a 2nd hand store!

Till the next post! Thank you for reading



P.S. How do you like how Rexcy styled my hair? She said it should be that effortless look! 🙂



4 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. car, tell your friend rexy on how she handled your hair. . tama ba, handled?? lol!! or kaw make a blog on how-to made by rexy .. .pero siyempre – kaw model!!! 🙂 mwahugs!!!

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