Summer-y Flower-y

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for making the  previous post  successful! Thanks to all of you who clicked and read! You have no idea how ecstatic we were with the great feedbacks we got. So we were fired up for the post for this week.

Last week, Rexcy and I went to Futakotamagawa, Tokyo to window shop (find a purse for my friend back home) and have  a photo shoot as well. It was harder than we expected it to be. Aside from us being amateurs, it was so hard to find a spot because we were scared it was not allowed for picture taking. Japan is very strict with the privacy law. It’s embarrassing if a security guard comes up and ask you not to have your pics taken. Thank goodness, the spots that we chose were ok for pictorials.

The feature for this post is this beautiful vintage dress that my friend Koren gave me. Scroll down and you will see what the actual dress looks like and what I have transformed the dress into. Till the next post!
Thank you for reading.



Dress> Gifted (Vintage and Thrifted)
Belt>SM Dept. Store
Purse>Louis Vuitton (Old)

slacks> H&M
purse>Burberry Blue Label
Shoes> a shop in SG

I tied the floral bun with a rubber band.

This is what the actual dress looks like.


Early Autumn 2011 at a birthday party. With me is the little fashionista, Ayumi.


3 thoughts on “Summer-y Flower-y

    • yeeey! Thanks Dearie for dropping by!! I cant wait to wear the dresses from Veronica’s Closet and Re-dress! Have something plan for the restyling of the paisley dress. Im still thinking of the shoes! xo! ❤

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