1 Dress, 2 Looks

It’s a 3 day weekend in Japan! And I didn’t really have any big plans so my friend Rexcy and I thought of having a photo shoot. I am featuring a dress that I bought late summer of last year (80% off). I wasn’t able to wear it in autumn because the color was screaming spring. But I wore it in 2 special occasions last year.

Rexcy took all the pictures in this feature and styled my hair too. We are amateurs so please bear with us.

Hope you will like it nonetheless.

Look 1:


Look 2:


the shoulder bag and the clutch

Dress> Zara
Belt> SM Dept. Store
Shoes > Nine West
Purse> Burberry Blue Label

I reversed the dress so it wont be heavy when i pair it up with the white polo.

The wind was blowing so hard! The collar>>ooopsie!

Blouse> Gap
Sandals> Asbee


Halloween 2011, I dressed up as a SIM.

With my cousins, nieces and cousins in law, Christmas 2011.

It’s ok to repeat an outfit. Re-styling it makes a lot of difference.

Thank you for reading.




4 thoughts on “1 Dress, 2 Looks

  1. Finally a blog for your “what I wore”! Keep on posting. This will be bookmarked.:)

    PS. I love what you did to your hair. Lovely braid.:)

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