Why Blog?

I know..I know! I am joining the bandwagon! I have to say that this is the 4th attempt of trying to make a fashion blog and I hope to make this public unlike the first 2 wherein it was only for my BFFs` viewing. I’m not even sure if they bookmarked it! There is one that is not so secret but only those who follows me in instagram knows about it and I have only like a 100 followers! xD So here’s a big start! I hope that I could post something every week.

My first favorite fashion blogger was Jessica Quirk. My best friend told me about her 3 years ago and till this day I am still a fan. What I love about her is she repeats and re-styles her outfits. Plus she loves vintage. So last year, 2011, I made an album in Facebook that kinda documents some of my outfit posts.

The biggest challenge was really on who will take a picture of me. But I have supportive friends who does but ofcourse only when we go out on weekends that I get to have my pictures taken. And I get really awkward whenever I try to pose. I had only 17 pics last year because of that reason. But hey not bad for starters. The picture that got the most likes was this picture:

The Ginza Walkathon

It got about 67 likes from my facebook friends plus 99 comments. Well that’s a lot I have to say. And oh that bag, guess who influenced me (sorta) to get that? No other than Jessica Quirk herself! Her post here.

This year I am still making an album in Facebook and a friend of mine said that it’s getting better and better every time. I have friends who’d ask when is the next upload. Boy do that make my day! So this is it so far!

Thank you for reading!




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